Tuesday, 29 January 2013

HoE Contributor: Guy Code

Thulane Ngidi Speaks On New Beginnings

One doesn't necessarily have to be a fashion guru or fashion expert in order to know what works or does not work in fashion. And I know my fashion.

Now with that being said, let me introduce myself.

My name is Thulane Ngidi, a simple guy who would like to believe that he has more fashion hits than misses. My task on HoE is simple. I will bring a male voice to this website, while ensuring that the male readers are kept in the fashion loop.

Gents, it's a new year and this calls for new beginnings. Let's leave colour blocking and vintage (well, those who followed these trends) in 2012. Yes, I agree, vintage did rock but it's time for a change nonetheless.

Some things that you should take to 2013 however are your chinos; stock more of these if you have them in a limited supply.

Well it's summer in SA so I guess we should start our year on a chilled note. To achieve this, you will need some really cool T-shirts; the V-neck and round neck are currently  on trend.

I believe every guy should own a pair of quality sandals, preferably brown in colour. These you can rock with either denim or coloured shorts as well as chinos.

I know most gents don't like accessories but why not add a new twist to your style, if not for the sake of new beginnings. You can try wooden neck pieces that come with a cross pendant or crafted wrist bands (but be careful not to wear more than two of these).

Additionally, scent is of utmost importance. I recommend One Million by Paco Rabanne or CHHC Sport by Caroline Herrera, but there are countless more to choose from!!! Well I guess I should include shades too- it's just an accessory one should have.

Well, there you have it!

I tell you, taking my advise might just score you a beautiful girl. I shall keep you posted on new developments!

Yo boi

"I would like to stress that this article is a reflection of my personal views and observations."

Thulane's Recommended Looks For 2013 

Pictures courtesy of Old Khaki, Zara, Woolworths and Tumblr

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